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Leadership Development and Business Planning Services for Every Stage of the Business Growth Cycle.

Learn How to Build a World Class Culture – Even In Times of Massive Change

Complacency, unplanned organizational change, changes in the marketplace, stagnancy, wrong people – any of these can sink an organization quickly. 

The issues business leaders face today are daunting and can be overwhelming even for the most experienced.

We partner with our clients to help break your entire operation down into its fundamental pieces so you can realize your vision of the future; understand where you really are today and what you currently have to work with.

And we help you understand WHAT IT WILL REALLY TAKE to get there.

We offer multiple ways to help you implement the changes you NEED to make for your organization to finally reach its full potential – Take advantage of our objective perspective, our tools and our honest candor to develop your best path forward.


Client Benefits:

  • Increase your Profitability
  • enhance your sustainability
  • Focus on what matters most
  • Become a better leader 
  • Improve communications
  • Recruit and retain top talent
  • Grow your business Right

What We Do

Your Brand Is Your Promise To Your Customer.
Your Culture Is How You Go About Fulfilling That Promise.

essential Activities

What are the 5 (50?) Essential Activities you need to focus on that will push your business to the next level?

Spend one facilitated day with your leadership team to

Define your
10-year vision,
3-year plan,
1-year goals,
Monthly objectives 

And then Define the Essential Activities that are required to achieve your monthly objectives… 

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Diamond Clarity


Achieve Diamond Clarity by focusing on the Five Facets of a Successful Business: 

Business Development





Take your organization, your leadership, your business, your life to the next level by learning to lead with L.O.V.E.

Give your team the direction and support it needs to thrive everyday…

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Your Operating System

Leadership Teams of 3+

Install the Entrepreneurial Operating System(TM) in your organization and gain real traction.

Hold more effective meetings

Gain supreme clarity on where you currently are,

Where you want to go and

Exactly what you need to do to get there.

Welcome to your 90-Day World…

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Sustainable Business Planning




“Sustainable Business Practice”

Learn about

Profitable Transparency



Strategy Development

ESG Initiatives

And so much more…

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Invest in Your Culture

A study conducted by the Harvard Business School in the early 2000’s found that companies who had a robust, explicit culture development program in place grew by a factor of 12X faster than those who had no specific development program.

Our Founder

Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fisher has been helping small businesses grow since 1997. Jeff is passionate about building great teams and doing what’s right for everyone – even those you don’t immediately think about. From proof of concept to stability and brand maintenance, Jeff has helped founders, leaders and leadership teams at every stage of the Business Growth Cycle create ideal organizations through trust, communication and structure.

Jeff founded Fisher Strategy in 2008 to provide small business owners with the same level of strategic development, systems improvement and implementation assistance that larger businesses routinely enjoy, but at small business prices. The Culture Executive is an extension of this mission, focused specifically on creating ideal cultures that empower his “evolutionaries” to unleash their full potential every day.


The Culture Executive helped me build my firm from the ground up. Jeff Fisher has one of the most brilliant business development minds I have ever encountered! With his expertise and guidance, I understood more clearly what I was really trying to build. He helped me articulate my true vision and mission statement so I could build a new office culture that empowered my staff to recognize themselves in my vision.

Therefore they were better able to own their own version of my vision, mission and values; making them more prepared to execute with excellence without hesitation.

I have no doubt that my business would not be where it is today without Jeff’s vision, expertise, and brilliance.  I would highly recommend him to any small business who wants to reach its true potential!

~ Cindy M, Redhead Luxury Properties ~


I highly recommend working with the Culture Executive to anyone who needs authentic assessment and input regarding how to grow your business. As first time business owners of a small boutique fitness studio, we needed help with structure, prioritization and overall culture enhancement. Thanks to the Culture Executive, we all became better leaders and saw better pieces of each other. Our team became happier, more engaged, and more willing to take risks.

Jeff took the time to understand the intimate details of our business, resulting in easy, effective and fluid meetings that had impactful outcomes; dropping  frequent “thought bombs” that would lead us down a direction we never thought possible. He weeded through the trees so we could see the entire forest. And he encouraged us to believe in our capabilities, expand our thought processes, and see just how amazing we could be as a team.

~ Jen C, Duality Fitness Studios ~


Jeff’s endless energy and passion for helping businesses be their best version of themselves was truly inspiring and energizing for our company.  He really helps direct your thought process to understand what needs to happen to get yourself and the team to where you want it all to be. Plus, he helped us define our realistic path to get there, which was really a tough thing to do since we were all so busy and entrenched in day to day business.

~ Todd L, PROOF Civil Engineers ~